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Our escort agency in Amsterdam is a legitimate & 24 hours company. We provide talented Escort Girls for escortservice in the area of Amsterdam and surroundings. For just € 180 an hour we provide our clients a excellent choice of top escorts in this area. Because of our busy schedule, we are always on the lookout for new girls. The minimum age is 21 and above, and we only work on legitimate basis. This means that we require the paperwork and everything involved. Without this it's not possible to apply for work at Escorts Elegance. You can find our license at the bottom of our website. You can fill in the following form on this page. You can call us on +31(0)6-59383763.

If we are interested, we will respond within 24 hours regarding your online application work as escort. A personal inventation could happen under the guidance of a female owner. In this meeting you can ask everything related to work as escortgirl. We will talk you through the proces and explain you our method of working. Once both party's come to an agreement, your officially working at Escorts Elegance and we will guide you in the rest of the proces. Your privacy matters for us just as our clients. A photoshoot is not mandatory but it can help in the booking with clients.

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Our agency in Amsterdam works 24 hours around the clock and provides clients services like escort, erotic massage & companionship for the longer hours. Because of this we offer the ability to work as escort in Amsterdam by your own times and working schedule, while being paid the best and have a great time together with our team. We do our best to protect your privacy and make sure you arrive and leave in a safe way from and to the client. For more info please apply by using the our form on this page. Our staff will contact you within 24 hours. You can call us as well on the phonenumber +31(0)6-59383763.